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Me, the great thinker (?).

Photo Gunhild/Kristin   

The light is hard
- Portugal 2002

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In the heat of the Day
- Portugal 2000

Welcome 1998
I am all tied up welcoming the new year .

Photo Sture.

Be my guest 1998

My office at home:
a computer, a printer, loudspeakers and clock.

Photo Sture.

My home-office

I like to watch,
picturer taken on a Tanga-rehearsel in 1996

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Photo Gunhild

I like to watch..

The accidental painter

Helping to prepare
a boat for the summer..

Photo Sture

The old man and the boat...

The Beauty and the Beast..

Summer, women and wine
(there is something in the air ..)
an airplane ?

From the reunion "Still Lazy after all these years"

Photo Sture

The Beauty and the Beast, (whos who ??)