A Midsummer Nights Dream - at sea !
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a quiet picture from a tour at the sea June 24. 2001.

A picture of the peacful freedom on A Midsummer Nights Eve - at sea. ...

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Who and what and where am I, anyway?

Have a look at my castle
A view on Kristiansand, from Odderøya.

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A view on Kristiansand, from Baneheia.

Click on the picture for more picture from Kristiansand covered in snow.

I have also a few pictures hidden here

Enjoying the stay at Cabo de S. Vincente, Sagres Portugal.

Click here for more (from the Year 2000) or even here(from the Year 2002)

Together with Rune Andersen reading the reviews on Rune's show. Some what seriously looking, but inside we were quit happy!

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It all began with the TANGA!

Me at work backstage Kristiandsand teater.
On the performance "...like til Betlehem..."

You can find more on musicals here!

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