My home is my castle
or my castle is my home !

Don't we all have our dungeon, a place where we are trapped. Of different reasons:

Family, work, hobbies, expectations ... ( name more if you'd like )

So please, be my guest in mydungeon....

Chateau D' If
Who and what and where am I, anyway?
And did you, by any chance, miss my page #1 ?
for a long time the "home" of the count of Monte Christo

(remember the story by Alexandre Dumas ?)

Top 10
My suggestion for the top 10 of musicals (frames version)
Here is my stage-cv, that is:
which performances have I been involved with in the last decade.
The Dramatical
I am the member of The Oldest Theater Society in Norway that still are making performances: Det Dramatiske Selskab or in english: The Dramatical Society
Still alive, founded in 1787. Post Shakespearean, but nevertheless!
(Sorry, but the site is all-norwegian concerning the written language!)
Norwegian comedy/cabaret/revue/theatre/show-group or something like that. (I'm proud to tell you that I have worked with them)
We have been working together in a period since 1986, very much inspirited by:
Monty Python Flying Circus troupe  
Monty Python Don't you know them ? Well, it's (was) an english comedy (?) group which set a standard during the 1970's for it's quirky parodies and wacky humor on television and later in films. And since then it has just gone worse.

Click here to hear them salute you ! Or perform any other reaction..

  Know what I mean ? Nudge, nudge !!
  Different links for MPFS:
Select and choose for yourselves:
Please don't blame me if some of the links are down !!
It' all part of growing old and being British..........

Monty Python

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Please spare some time and be a guest in my site:
Homage to the screen workers

More links to films and/or actors/actresses ? .
My "local theater", Agder Teater, has got a site. Please pay them a visit !!
Meet Mr Showbiz who gives you the latest gossip and facts from show business. Login and try it !

Some of the Norwegian Theaters on the net: More Theater links, in norwegian
Teater-relaterte linker, , på norsk
    Do visit my humble suggestion for the top 10 of musicals (frames version)
    including links to musicals or musical related sites.

    I like music, specially music for stage or films.
    That means everything from Beethoven's 9th. symphony ( A clockwork orange) to
    "I will always love you" (The Bodyguard).

    Isn't that what you call "omnivorous" ?

    Let the sun shine in..

    But the best part of music is still the music that you make yourselves !!!!.

    Which make me mention; I've got a flute, and I play it.
    But Ian Anderson, Herbie Mann, Bjorn J:son Lindh, Thijs van Leer, Bobby Humphrey, Hubert Laws (you may name more if you'd like..) have all done it better before me.

    But who cares ??????

© Ole-Bernt Kristoffersen, Aug2007
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