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Aarhus Denmark in 2014

Aarhus is Denmark's second largest city. Central to the city is Åboulevarden where much of the tourist life starts.

If you follow the river up to the left, you will come to Gamle Aarhus (Old Aarhus).
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But first let me introduce our creative "glasspuster" / glassblower.

Mette Bülow Duus is here at her workshop and business in the Latin Quarter in Aarhus. A wonderful glass artist.
On all our trips to Aarhus we have visited her.

Then some pictures from preparation for retirement, just watching, not shopping. In 2014:

Sitting, not driving.

We had a strong preference for Villa Provence in Aarhus.

Villa Provence has a complete French style, almost like you have come to Provence. But it is located right in the centre of Aarhus, just a 2 minute walk from the main pedestrian shopping street (Strøget) and 1 minute from Åboulevarden with all its cafés and restaurants.

During this stay we planned our wedding, ie my 60th birthday

And we visited Gamle Aarhus (Old Aarhus), an outdoor museum in the middle of Aarhus.

To show how close to the city center it is: To the left behind is the tower at Aarhus City Hall and then ARoS, the well-known art museum in Aarhus.

But inside Gamle Aarhus there is peace and quiet

The square with the well

The geese roam freely

Trusses are a wall construction made as a framework of timber.

With the spaces filled in with brick walls or lined clay, half-timbered houses became the common building custom over large parts of Central Europe.
In Denmark, the building customs characterize many of the country's environments.

New and old...

Even the cars have ended up in museum.

Photos: Kristin Søvik.